Rooted in faith, growing in the word, branching out with hope.

Youth Ministry

Upper Room Student Ministries exists for heart level change through the work of the Holy Spirit, as we read and study the Word of God. This occurs as we seek to foster a lifestyle of prayer, as we acknowledge our dependence upon God, while establishing a community which together learns what it means to follow Jesus and care for, support, and serve one another and the world around us.

Opportunities: Sunday Morning We believe Sunday school to be an important part of the programming at Upper Room Student Ministries. Sunday school helps carry out our mission in a few different ways. First, it helps our students come together in community just as the whole of the church comes together in community on Sunday morning. It helps the students understand that they are a part of a community—and they are a part of a church, and it matters that they are connected to someone. Second, it helps our students dive into God’s Word. The Bible can be an intimidating book and part of what we want to provide during all youth services is an opportunity for students to interact with the Word of God together, being built up in Christ Jesus. We meet in the youth room @ 9:30. We would love to see you! Sunday & Wednesday Nights These two nights serve as our rally times for youth only. We have middle school and high school students in many different schools all over the city and on these two nights we all come together for worship, fellowship, games, snacks, and studying God’s Word (where we place a high emphasis). This is when our students are able to develop those special bonds and relationships with each other. Start time is at 6:30 on Wednesdays. We would love to see you!